Hannah Lewis Davies


The notion of escapism is a reoccurring theme throughout my creative practice. Escapism has been described as the act of retreating from the mundane reality of life and entering into a fantastical place of wonder and contentment; a place which only exists is ones own imagination.

I am continually fascinated by the ability I had as a child to disengage with reality and enter into an imaginary world.  Our imaginations offer a place which is visually exhilarating, full of wonder and unrestricted by logic .My work draws heavily on fleeting childhood memories, imagined fantasies and the innocence and contentment found in escaping reality.

The irrational nature of escapism combined with fragmented childhood memories has allowed me to create paintings which flash and merge somewhere between reality and fantasy.  My aim is to entice the viewer to step outside of reality and to momentarily enter into these imaginary spaces.